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The Museum of Snapshot Photography, formerly known at the Ontological Museum's Department of Photographic Records, is a repository of found vernacular photography that includes such things as vacation photos, family snapshots, photos of friends, class portraits, identification photographs, and photo-booth images and other types from the accidental life of everyday image making that captures moments in the private histories of people living the common experience of life.

Also of interest are the photographs, photographic experiments and use of photographic imagery in collage and photo-montage of artists associated with the Ontological Museum and it's various branches.

Vintage found photo from Shadow Portraits

Upcoming Exhibition:
A Book About Death
Pictures at an Exhibition.

Upcoming Exhibition:
Wish You Were Here
Vintage silver gelatin vacation photos.

Natural Born Fluxus
Childhood photos from Fluxus artists.

See Online Exhibit >

Shadow Portraits
Vintage silver gelatin photos where the photographer's shadow becomes part of the subject of the photograph.

See Online Exhibit >

A collection of snapshot portraits by Cecil Touchon of art world personalities mostly in New York City using a fisheye lense. Warning: These are freaky!

"I'm Fifteen, OK?"
Phone Photos by Noor Touchon

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